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I studied graphic design in Rome, Italy and worked as a book illustrator there, before going on to do graphic design work in Paris. After that, I moved to Edinburgh, where I became a member of the Scottish Craft Centre in 1984, exhibiting painted furniture and objets d’art with pictorial compositions at several galleries including: the Solstice Gallery in Edinburgh, Broughton Gallery near Biggar and the Carnell Exhibition, Kilmarnock in aid of the Red Cross. I then came to Oxford, where I joined the Oxfordshire Craft Guild in 1993. In the mean time, I also joined the Ashmolean Museum as Gallery Lecturer. This allows me to help others appreciate art.


For my painted furniture I use acrylics on wood surfaces which have been thoroughly prepared beforehand. In order to protect and preserve the design, a silky smooth finish of varnish and then wax is applied.


In addition to my painting, I have now introduced a new interest: intaglio, appliqué and inlay using coloured veneers on wood to create a decorative effect. I love the feel of wood when I work. Trees have brought us the first fire, the first wheel, the first house and a surface to paint on. And I like to feel part of this tradition. My graphic design background enhances harmony and symmetry in the designs I create.




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